Monday, July 2, 2012

The Traveller 5 kickstarter

I didn't cover this in my first post about the Traveller game because at the time the T5 Kickstarter project hadn't closed yet, but now that it's successfully funded I am writing this addendum.

'T5' is the latest edition of the Traveller RPG franchise, and possibly the most fundamental revisiting to the setting and mechanics. I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out. The promised various 'Maker' engines described remind me of the 'Burning x' modules from Burning Wheel, and with Marc Miller's usual attention to detail and process, I imagine these Makers will easily be turned into scripts and spreadsheets. It would surprise me if a set of mobile/tablet apps are in the works...

One of the major changes is in the Tasking system: Difficulty determines how many dice are thrown, and the target number is the sum of Attribute + Skill + modifiers, which you want to roll less than in order to succeed. 

Sadly, I won't get my hands on this until the end of the year, but MAN what a Christmas present that'll be!

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