Thursday, June 28, 2012

You all meet in a Tavern...

As an introductory post for The Eclectic Roleplayer, this one's going to start a bit mild.

The impetus for starting this blog was the overwhelming urge to make a public place for sharing my experiences with roleplaying games, gaming and their design and evolution. I love roleplaying. I enjoy games. I indulge in game theory. This blog is mostly going to be about the latter.

My goals with this blog are thus:
  • Review games settings and systems.
  • Discuss principles, concepts and methodologies of roleplaying.
  • Hammer out ideas for new game systems, models and settings for my own use.

My focus is going to be mostly roleplaying games, storytelling games and worldbuilding. I may also dabble in boardgames and miniature gaming here. While I adore painting assembling miniatures, I can't play Warhammer 40K to save a squig's life.

I welcome constructive comments, but be it known I am the owner and wielder of the BanHammer(tm) here. I respect everyone's right to free speech but your comments on my blog reflect upon me and I take that seriously. I reserve the editorial privilege to edit comments before they go live. Spammers and harassers will be banned or shunned with stunning alacrity.
Got a problem with that? Start your own blog.

I've also created a Twitter account: EclecRoleplayer.
I'm not much for Twitter, but we'll see what comes of it.

Okay. Enough for now. Time to roll for initiative...


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